Sing Tao Daily has been the way of life for Chinese Canadians since its launch in Toronto in 1978.

In the past 36 years, Sing Tao evolved from one newspaper to a portfolio of one daily paper and 6 magazines; they are: Sing Tao Weekly, Star Magazine, Real Estate Guide, Gourmet Guide, Friday Guide and the latest hit in the market – Sing Tao Southern Metropolis Entertainment.

Sing Tao is not only the largest Chinese newspaper in Canada, but also a pioneer in the internet front. is the most popular Chinese newspaper website in Canada. To further strengthen our leadership position in the digital world, in 2007, Sing Tao acquired, a hyper local website with eCommerce and cutting edge functionalities.

In 2007, Sing Tao launched Canadian City Post, a free weekly in simplified Chinese catering to Mandarin-speaking immigrants. In 2008, we ventured beyond print and online by launching A1 Chinese Radio. Sing Tao has become a truly unique multi-media platform.

In 2012, Sing Tao Canada made a strategic investment to relocate our headquarters to Markham, Ontario

Multi-million dollar, all new printing facilities with cutting edge technology are now fully operational

The six fully computerized and automated printing towers allowed us to print 24 full color pages per section

Sing Tao is the only Chinese newspaper in Canada that can be truly full color on every page in every section

The extremely efficient operation not only allows us to improve printing quality but also to control operating cost

In addition to the new printing facilities, our new home is also equipped with professional broadcast equipment and infrastructure

A1 Chinese Radio expanded its broadcast hours to increase Mandarin programming significantly. Together with the launch of a free weekly specializing in real estate market, the City Property Guide, Sing Tao further expanded our lead in the Mandarin speaking community

In 2013, Sing Tao also formed a new division, Accountable IT Solutions Consulting to provide enterprise software development and deployment services for corporate clients.

As we celebrate our many years of success and service, we wish to thank your support and we look forward to continuing to grow and prosper with you.